Case 1: Envision Energy

BACH Composite Industry has extensive experience working with wind power and with our own R&D test center, we are able to meet our customers’ ever-increasing demands – especially when it comes to research and development. Working with wind turbine manufacturer Envision Energy, BACH Composite Industry helped develop a nacelle for their Envision 3.6 MW turbine. As part of the project with Envision Energy, BACH Composite Industry was responsible for creating design proposals, detailed 3D models and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of both the composite cover and the underlying steel structure. After approval we produced a prototype that was assembled at Envision Energy’s own facility. This task also included the preparation of a complete set of component and assembly drawings for the customer, which resulted in more than 500 2D drawings. In total more than 3,000 design and engineering hours were used on the development product.

“At Envision Energy we need a dynamic supplier who is quick on the draw. BACH Composite Industry’s ability to take action when there has been something that needed to be adjusted has been tremendous, and we are very pleased with the cooperation.”
Per Langfeldt
Chief Composite Engineer
Envision Energy

 Case 2: Mørenot Offshore

Mørenot Offshore specializes in making equipment for the global seismic marine industry and they use a composite solution from BACH Composite Industry for their defl ectors. Defl ectors are used by seismic survey vessels to keep hydrophone cables (also known as “streamers”) spread in the water. Acoustic emissions are detected by the hydrophone cables and recorded on board the vessel. The refl ected sound is then processed to provide information about the structure and composition of geological formations below the seabed. This information is used predominantly by oil exploration companies. Defl ectors are key equipment for seismic operations and it is essential that Mørenot Offshore has a strong, realiable product. Our composite solution is strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant, meaning the defl ector can withstand the natural elements and even a collision with a 40-foot container without any loss of performance. Using the composite wing from Bach Composite Industry, Mørenot Offshore delivers the highest lift-to-drag ratio, which is available on the commercial market, resulting in ships being able to scan larger areas of the seabed, thereby improving operational effi ciency.

“Stability and reliability of the defl ectors during operation is of utmost importance to our seismic customers, and it is therefore vital for Mørenot Offshore to cooperate with strong sub-suppliers like BACH Composite Industry.”
Hans Jørgen Hjelle
Sales Manager
Mørenot Offshore